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Notes: Some Archives may list incorrectly, but it should be OK. It does not fully support passwords. ArcAnt will use a password supplied in the password box. The embedded (full panel) version in FileAnt has no password support.

Before you turn the formats on you first need to set up the programs listed further down this page (or install 7-Zip).
Use this to use ArcAnt in windows. Note: ArcAnt will try to use 7zip style icons when you check the boxes if it can.

The dialog will let you set up existing archive formats. To use a format in windows you will need to install a Win32 dos archiver. (most archivers have a win32 dos command line tool). FileAnt comes preset for common formats using 7z,arj,rar,ace which can be found below...

7-Zip... (free)

ARJ (Win32 version)... (free)

WinRAR... (read their licence)

Ace (Commandline version)... (read their licence)

Select 'Use embedded ArcAnt in fileant' to have fileant open the archive file in a panel.
'Use in windows' is the same as the Associate dialog checkbox and means ArcAnt will be used in windows.
'Reset Zip' will reset this format to the built-in FileAnt defaults. This will happen automatically for the next few versions as they are updated. If you make any changes then back up the key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\OneHundredAngryAnts\Arc\" so you can refer back to it later. I will stop making changes to the existing default formats screen when the 'BETA' is removed.

Below the line are the advanced settings to configure the win32 dos commandline archivers. Feel free to create your own... to do this simply add the extension you want to the following key. "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\OneHundredAngryAnts\Arc\Formats" and reopen ArcAnt Configure. It is best to use ArcAnt itself (not FileAnt) to experiment with adding new formats. The most important thing to remember is to always use the -y (and sometimes -p options) because otherwise dos will not return control back to windows. -y is safe as FileAnt handles the file copy from tempory folders. If you decide to make a format pluggin the you can email it to me and I will check it and add it here as a FileAnt plugin or default format.

FileAnt can not handle complicated listing formats like ARJ.. which is why I use 7z to List. I will code a more complicated listing brain into ArcAnt when I get some more time.

I will post other help here as people ask for it to keep this page concise.