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  • Mapped network drives don't show up?

  • Right click C:\Program Files(86)\FileAnt\FileAnt.exe and uncheck run as administrator in compatibility. I enabled this in the 2023/06 installer thinking it would be great.. it is not great you actually get less privliages than a normal admin user. ;oP

  • Can I change the toolbar icons?

  • Make a folder called C:\Program Files\FileAnt\images
    Put the bmp files in that folder.
    FileAnt will use the names 201.bmp to 222.bmp
    Samples of the original bitmaps can be found here... toolbaricons
    White is the transparent color.
    Send me any cool ones you do and i will upload them.

  • Can I install a new version over the old version?

  • Yes. This is the best way to update as you will not lose your history/anthill etc.
    FileAnt's install and updater will both clean up old no-longer used files.
    If you uninstall versions 200409xx+ you will now be given the option to delete everything or keep your FTP sites/toolbars shortcuts intact.
    For safety, the only thing the uninstall will not remove is updated Microsoft libraries.

  • How do I get FileAnt to start from a shortcut?

  • Exploring FileAnt, I opened the FtpAnt and cannot close its window. What to do? And just what is FtpAnt all about?

  • Open another panel then close the other one. FileAnt needs at least one panel open on each side.
    You can add site folders and sites with the right mouse button. See the help for more info on advanced settings.

  • Tips for recovering damaged CD's.

  • In my experience 90% of the time an entire cd can not be recovered. SyncAnt in the 'tools' menu is good at getting files off a damaged cd because it copies each file one at a time.
    1. inspect the cd under light. The important part of the cd is the back not the front because the data is stored under the back film. If this film is damaged the files crossing this damage will be lost.
    2. Put the cd in the drive and recover as many files as you can with SyncAnt. (skip this step if the cd is very dusty.)
    3. Wet the cd with cold water and lightly wipe the front and 'very' carefully dry the back.
    4. Put the cd in the drive and recover as many files as you can with SyncAnt.
    5. If you are desperate you can make sure the cd is dry and put it in a freezer bag and put it in the freezer.
    6. Put the cd in the drive and recover as many files as you can with SyncAnt.

  • Can I extract from archives?

  • FileAnt needs 7-Zip
    See the ArcAnt help link at the top of this page.

    XP and WinME have Zip support build in which consumes resources... to get rid of it type 'regsvr32 /u zipfldr.dll' in the run menu and reboot. If for some reason you want to add this to win98se or win2000 then copy zipfldr.dll dunzip32.dll dzip32.dll (from winME for win98se) or (xp for win2000.. untested) to the system directory and run 'regsvr32 zipfldr.dll'.

  • Why does it take so long to load?

  • FileAnt is heavily multi-threaded which will slow it down on old pc's and speed it up on newish pc's.
    It also contains a timer/subclasser written in assembler which makes some nosy virus scanners screech to a crawl, so exclude 'fileant.exe' from you virus scanner.

  • Is there a way to freeze the panel display between sessions? How do I use home panels?

  • You can turn off remember folders and the use 'home panels' to set the layouts. You can also use the home panels without turning off remember folders. To set use 'configure' 'home panels' 'what ever you named it'. It will ask you for a name and set the panels to the current panel for that home. If you set it again it will ask for the name again just ignore it if the name is correct. Then the home button on the toolbar can be used to... go home or right click to cycle through home layouts. The tree follows both panels (whichever one has focus) and so can not be set. Someone found a bug in the panel tab 'set as home'.. so avoid this atm until i get time to reproduce it, unless you want to get confused :). I will probably add some more home panel menus to make it easier to understand.

  • Some folders are slow?

  • Some file objects take longer to read. Namely folders with lots of certain types of pictures or unmapped network drives.
    FileAnt needs to ask for file system objects more slightly more indirectly than explorer can.

  • How do i delete from the ant hill?

  • The very bottom item is a version number for FileAnt.. clicking on this enables delete mode.

  • How do I "go up" a folder?

  • The easiest way to go up a folder is to simply double click anywhere in a panel that is not a file or folder. (see white space in the help if you have trouble working this out).
    This works in normal panels as well as the FTP panels.

  • Is there a quick way to copy filenames to the clipboard?

  • Right click the title bar of a panel to copy the panel folder/file name(s) to the clipboard.
    With no files selected the folder name will be copied
    With one file selected the file path and name will be copied.
    With files selected all the file paths and names will be copied.
    Right click the files name in the anthill file information section to copy the last selected filename to the clipboard.

  • What is "MemoryLoad" in the caption?

  • MemoryLoad is a system wide memory figure. From MSDN...
    "Number between 0-100 that gives a general idea of current memory utilization, in which 0 indicates no memory use and 100 indicates full memory use"
    "iml" is just then number of icons in FileAnts Cache for 16x16 Toolbar and FTP panel icons (it was there for debugging but i left it in)

  • Why does the viewer not work when i click on some files?

  • Change the text box limit (viewer menu). The text box limit is the number of characters to read from the file ("Strip ASCII" will display extracted characters up the text box limit). There a bug in fa030309 (which is fixed in updates) that sets this to 0 by mistake.

  • How do i customize the toolbar?

  • Add and remove shortcuts in C:\Program Files\FileAnt\Toolbar\. (note: new explorer cross domain security will disable this link.)
    The following parameters are valid in the "target" of the shortcut (case sensitive)
    %L - Left Panel Path
    %R - Right Panel Path
    %P - Selected Panel Path
    %p - other Panel Path
    %F - Selected File Path
    For examples look at 'tools' 'edit tools'

  • How do i customize the menu?

  • One menu can be modified slightly... Add and remove shortcuts in C:\Program Files\FileAnt\Tools\. (note: new explorer cross domain security will disable this link.)

  • How do i UNDO?

  • Undo is an undocumented feature of windows explorer so i could not implement it. The easiest alternative is to click the yellow folder icon next to the address bar (left side) and then right click the "white space" in explorer to get at explorers undo menu item.

  • Can i organize my FTP sites?

  • Not easily. You can do it by opening up regedit and exporting then deleting HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\OneHundredAngryAnts\FtpAnt then organizing it in notepad and importing.
    It is a good idea to make an exported backup of this key if you want to keep your sites while uninstalling/reinstalling FileAnt.
    I will be implement drag and drop of site folders when i get a chance.
    if you have any questions or find any bugs.